Concrete Overlays

Decorative Concrete Overlayments

Contemporary Concrete Creations decorative concrete overlay systems are designed as the ultimate cover up for unsightly, dull concrete. Overlayments add a beautiful textured vibrant finish with a variety of textures and patterns to any existing concrete surface. Change any residential or commercial concrete surface to a beautiful work of art using stamped overlayments.

In addition, Contemporary Concrete Creations overlayments render the surface non-skid and are ideal for pool decks, patios, and high traffic areas.

Concrete Overlayments – Transform Dull Flat Concrete into A Beautiful Surface with Enhanced Non-Slip Performance

Concrete overlayments were initially designed as a method to repair or restore damaged concrete without the expense and mess of replacement. Today Contemporary Concrete Creations has evolved overlayment technology to transform virtually any concrete surface into an authentic and natural looking brushed concrete, stone or brick surface.

Contemporary Concrete Creations applied overlayments can withstand high traffic and the harshest elements. Interior or exterior the resulting overlayed concrete surface is easy to maintain and resists damage from salt, chemicals or UV exposure.

Natural stone, brick, slate, tile appearances can be designed. Concrete can also be textured to deliver a brushed appearance that is not only attractive but enhances non-slip performance.

Our experienced staff will design a surface that is both appealing and functional. Custom designs, highlights, graphic art and corporate logos are just some of the many options we can deliver.